Hane Performance Specially-Developed Products

Hane Performance is proud to offer specialty parts and assemblies
developed by Chip & Walt Hane (EPS) through their work with Ford race cars since 1965.

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Firewall Brace

Narrow Leaf Springs

Front Suspension

Override System

Panhard Bar

Panhard Bar

For rear axle lateral support and handling adjustability.
Frame and housing brackets, panhard bar, Bolis frame brace bar,
highest quality rod ends and mounting hardware.
Requires welding.

$400 - '65 - '66 Mustang / Shelby
$351 - '67 Mustang / Shelby
$351 - '63 ' '64 Falcon
Axle Retainers

Axle Retainers

Change axles without losing brake backing plate position.
Thick retainer plates and high quality hardware.

$98 (per Pair)
Shortened Steering Kit

Shortened Steering Kit

For the competition front suspension.
Moog tie rods and adjusting sleeves are
shortened to allow proper front toe.

$185 - '65 - '66 Mustang / Shelby
$161 - '67 - '70 Mustang / Shelby
$185 - '63 - '64 Falcon

While we try to keep our prices stable, they are subject to change at any time without notice.
Prices do not include shipping.
Contact Chip for current prices & shipping costs.

We gladly accept payment via check or PayPal (with an additional PayPal fee).

 Download our current products price sheet